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The construction industry is confronting the accompanying challenges: slow productivity, poor quality, low safety, and insufficient skilled labor. As years pass by, lots of construction companies are seeking to overcome the shortage of skilled labor by adding automation to their system. Robotics and automation have improved a lot of businesses’ processes, making it more efficient and speeding up production. Suffice it to say that robotics has played an integral part in making a company save both time and money. As much as robotics have improved the way we do business, there is, unfortunately, no new strategy in the construction industry for over a decade now.

Not until Concrete 3D Printing goes along.

What is Concrete Printing?

Concrete Printing is a form of 3D printing that mainly uses concrete and other similar raw materials to construct buildings and other structures in completely new shapes not previously possible with the traditional construction method.

Enjoy the following advantages:

✔ No forms required.

✔ Can be operated by at least 2 persons.

✔ Save time and money.

✔ Increased profit.

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