Company: Construction of Buildings on Denmark

Kobenhavn, Denmark

Jan 01, 2017
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Project Description:

The BOD, which stands for “Building on Demand”, is claimed as Europe’s first 3D printed house. Designed by COBOD, a civil construction branch of 3D Prinhuset, the project was developed thanks to COBOD’s participation in the Danish government’s “3D Construction Printing” project. The house’s design sought to illustrate the economic and architectural advantages of 3D printing houses, boasting not a single straight wall; the windows and doors are the only straight elements. The BOD’s foundation is also partially 3D printed, another challenge to traditional building techniques. COBOD has recently received funding for its next generation of 3D printers. In addition to having these new systems ready for Denmark’s N3xt Con in 2021, COBOD also wants to create an entirely new 3D printed building designed by the famous architect Bjarke Ingels.

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