Company: Kamp C

Antwerpen, Belgium

Jul 07, 2020
  014 27 96 50
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Project Description:

At Kamp C, the provincial Center for Sustainability and Innovation in construction, in Westerlo, a house was printed with the largest 3D concrete printer in Europe. The house is ninety square meters in size and was printed in one piece with a fixed printer. This is a world first. The first 3D-printed demo home in Flanders is a fact. You can find her on the grounds of Kamp C in Westerlo. The house consists of two floors, is ninety square meters in size and eight meters high. This is the size of an average Kempen terraced house. “Unique is that we printed the house in one piece with a fixed 3D concrete printer,” says Emiel Ascione, project manager at Kamp C. “The homes that have already been printed worldwide have only one floor and are often divided into parts. factory printed and assembled on site. We have printed the entire building envelope as a whole on the site. ”

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